Want to start your campfire fast and easier than ever? No mater where you go camping, if you are spending the night your going to need to make a fire. Typically people fiddle around with flint, matches, and lighters to start their fires. This is an added frustration you don’t need anymore. Zip Firestarter has made it convenient and easy to make fire no matter where your camping adventure takes you. They are small enough that they wont take up space in your pack on a backcountry trip. They burn for over 18 minutes allowing even the biggest logs a chance to ignite. I was so excited to try these out and put them to the test. I found that they were extremely simple to use!

Watch this video to see just how easy it is.

There really are only a few steps when building a fire with Zip Firestarters.

  1. Set your fire pitt
  2. Place the Fire Starter in the Pitt, Fire Ring, or your fire stove
  3. Light the Firestarter packaging
  4. Add Tinder/Small Sticks
  5. Add bigger logs and more
  6. Cook, Stay Warm, and Enjoy

Zip Firestarters make building a campfire easier! These are Compass Keeper approved and we highly recommend them. Don’t head on a camping trip without them.