The Proper Way to Store a Sleeping Bag

If you’re like most of us, you don’t think about your sleeping bag until you’re about to use it. We tend to leave that critical gear stuffed into as small a package as humanly possible. Unfortunately, that’s not the best way to store a sleeping bag, as explained in this Gear Junkie article. Check it out.


Sleeping bags will last many years if treated right. But the insulation inside, be it down or synthetic, can be damaged if incorrectly stored. Keep your bag healthy and usable for the long term with these tips.

Stuff Sack
To keep the loft (and thus the warmth of the air-trapping fibers) a sleeping bag should be stored at home outside of its compression stuff sack. A stuff sack is for travel or backpacking purposes only; whenever your bag doesn’t have to be in it, let it breathe and unfurl.

When on a trip, soon after arriving at a campsite, un-stuff the bag and let its fibers loft inside the tent, ready for bed later that night… [continued]

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