An Eco-Friendly Camping Trailer

Campers are more environmentally conscious with every passing day. In order to address this growing trend, many trailer manufacturers are going the extra mile to minimize their product’s impact on the environment.

One manufacturer in particular, is advancing the cause with the most eco-friendly travel trailer ever. Homegrown Trailers uses natural, sustainable building materials whenever possible. Additionally, the trailer is light enough that a large car or SUV can pull it with ease. Due to its lighter weight, the trailer saves energy and money at the pump.

Style and Function

The unit comes standard with solar power and a beautiful interior that’s sure to please style-minded customers. It also boasts the “California woody” look that was popular in the 1950s.


Homegrown Trailers is just getting off the ground. Founded by sustainability consultant Corey Weathers, the trailer fills the need for a camper made of natural materials.

The design certainly stands out with some high-end materials and specs. For this you’ll pay a handsome price — they retail for $29,000.

Sustainable Design

The biggest differentiator between this trailer and others on the market is sustainability… [continued]

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