A Strange Tale of Multiple Survivals

We love survival stories in the hopes that we may gain knowledge that could one day save our lives. To that end, Joanne Barnaby’s tale is one of the strangest; it’s a perfect example of using wit to survive in the wild. While picking morel mushrooms, she and her dog were approached by a snarling wolf and forced to retreat deep into the forest, ending up between a bear and its cub. Here’s the exciting story, as printed in The Washington Post.

Joanne Barnaby was deep in the deadfall, smeared in mosquitoes and blood, dehydrated and near exhaustion, when she heard the call of a mama bear searching for its cub.

Barnaby couldn’t believe her luck.

Twelve hours earlier, she had been picking mushrooms in the remote Canadian wilderness when she had heard a growl behind her. She turned around and saw Joey, her faithful mutt, locked in a snarling standoff with a skinny black wolf.

For twelve hours, the wolf had pursued Barnaby and her dog through the wildfire-scorched forests of the Northwest Territories.

And for twelve hours, the starving animal had tried to separate Barnaby and Joey, driving them all deeper into the bush.

Night settled around Barnaby, hiding the swarms of mosquitoes that blanketed her arms, legs and face.

And still the wolf snapped and growled, waiting for the woman or her dog to drop their guard… [continued]

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SOURCEWashington Post
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