Carrying a rifle without a sling on an extensive hunt makes you soon wish you had a better way to carry the piece. Rifle slings keep your hands free for climbing, using binoculars, making game calls, and other “digital” tasks.

The same is true for a camera strap for an SLR, especially if you’re using a telephoto lens. Although most full-body cameras come with a strap, they’re often very narrow and soon become uncomfortable. I’ve use the rifle slings made by Vero Vellini and can attest to their quality and comfort. They allow you to sling the camera over one shoulder, instantly you have both hands free. Here are the details from the manufacturer.

camerastrap224820605Vero Vellini has introduced a pair of hand-crafted, ergonomically contoured and padded Camera and Binocular Slings to comfortably support your gear, ensuring that the weight of your camera is evenly distributed to reduce tension and fatigue on even the longest and most grueling shoots.  Vero Vellini Camera and Binocular Slings are available in two stylish designs, either the lavishly padded premium Napa leather sling or a bounce-absorbing Air-Cushion neoprene with hand-stitched piping. Vero Vellini Camera and Binocular Slings are the only sensible way to carry your camera comfortably, so your camera is always ready to capture magic. No need to fumble with your camera in a backpack, the Vero Vellini keeps your camera safe and secure while keeping you comfortable all day long.

The Napa-leather Camera and Binocular Sling is available with two-tone finely finished leather and soft slip-proof suede backing. The slip-proof neoprene Camera and Binocular Sling is available in two color combinations: forest green with brown piping or black with black piping. The Napa-leather sling is priced at $99.99, and the neoprene version is $44.99. Both can be purchased at fine sporting-goods stores around the country or directly from