In a survival situation, everyday items can become life-saving assets. You may not have thought twice about those cotton balls and petroleum jelly in your bathroom cabinet for years, but if you’re lost in the woods and need to make a fire, those items can be your new best friend. Dental floss is another common item that, even if you use it every day to keep your teeth in good shape, can become invaluable if you need to make shelter or mend a fishing net to catch your dinner. The Survivalist’s Tim MacWelch says there’s another item you’ll want plenty of in a survival situation: coffee.

Cowboy Coffee Photo by Anson Chappell - Creative Commons

Don’t feel like you could survive without your morning coffee? You’re not alone. According to, an astonishing 83% of American adults drink coffee, which is up from 78% just one year earlier. With all this coffee floating around, it makes one wonder about other applications for this everyday resource?

Here are my top 5 survival uses for the flavorful beans we know as coffee. Pour yourself a cup, and read on.

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Photos: puuikibeach, Creative Commons (top);  Anson Chappell, Creative Commons (above)