Backpack, Water, Food, or Tent might be an essential item to you but to me the most essential piece of gear I take backpacking or camping is my knife. Ever watch the movie with James Franco called, “127 Hours”? It is arguably in my mind one of the best outdoor films ever created. Well, if you have never seen the movie. The main character gets his arm trapped under a boulder in a canyon. After 127 hours trapped he finally cuts his own arm off with a knife. He probably wouldn’t have lived to tell the tail without the knife he brought in his pack.


Now I have never experienced anything like that, and I hope I never will but that has taught me never leave your knife at home. Especially when you head into the backcountry or camping. When Benchmade came out with the Bugout 535 pocket knife I had to have one.

The Bugout 535 is My Ultimate Backpacking Knife, and here is why.

  1. It is the most lightweight pocket knife I have ever had at just 1.85 oz.
  2. It has an ultra-thin design at .42 inches thick.
  3. It made of super durable CPMS30V Stainless Steel, or just S30V for short.
  4. It utilizes Benchmade’s Axis Mechanism.
  5. Last but not least it features a Mini Deep Carry Clip.

The knife comes right now in just a blue handle and the option of serrated or plain blades. Talking with Benchmade I would expect more colors in the future. Personally, I want desert tan or Matte forest green. All of these features in such a small durable package is why I think the Benchmade Bugout 535 is the ultimate backpacking knife. To see photos of #mybenchmade in use follow us on Instagram @CompassKeeper or on Facebook @Compasskeeper

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