Camping tents evolved from canvas to high-tech fabrics and rain flys decades ago.  Shock corded fiberglass poles also made an impression and have become standard issue on many tents for backpacking and family safaris.  However, along came the millennials who have a tendency to change the status quo from emojis to craft beer to the latest in electronic devices.

A New Look

Northface noticed this trend and is launching an entirely new line of camping gear and the difference is anything but subtle.  Called the Homestead Collection you will see a series of bright new colors from tents to backpack.  The plan is to attract new campers as well as updating traditional gear to meet the tastes of the next generation.  With the Northface brand behind the new launch, you can bet that it will get plenty of buzz and that informed consumers will be looking for much more than a pretty face.

Make it Fun

Traditional campers may initially scoff at these new looks in gear, yet what better way to convince newcomers that camping is about F U N?  Whether radical new looks in camping gear will have the same effect as a new i-something is unknown, yet every traditional outdoor activity needs a new look from time to time.  Here’s a quick glance at this exciting new gear:

From The North Face, the Homestead Collection applies a unique look to many of TNF’s camping necessities. Its packs, shelter, tote bag, and sleeping bag are newly designed, and the line boasts many technical elements.

SOURCEGear Junkie
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