Rattlesnakes are dangerous animals. They also happen to be on Maryland’s endangered species list. Normally, timber rattlers stay in the mountains and away from urban areas, yet when urbanites go camping they should know the rules about specific animals. Not only did this group of five men kill a rattlesnake, but they grilled it and probably bragged about it on social media. Here’s the report from Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources, as reported by The Washington Post.

Police say a group of young men killed and cooked a timber rattlesnake in the Green Ridge State Forest near Little Orleans in western Maryland.  he timber rattler is a state-endangered species.Maryland Natural Resources Police said Tuesday that five men from Glen Burnie have been charged with destroying the snake, destroying trees, target shooting, fishing without licenses and possessing marijuana while camping Sunday. Police say they killed the snake with a BB gun and grilled it… [continued]

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