Why do we use tents?

They’re portable, miniature versions of our homes, aren’t they, designed to keep out the elements and nosy animals, and meant to block out unwanted light and sound.

But how many nights have you spent in a leaky tent while shivering because you can’t get warm? Unable to sleep because your next-door buddies are sawing wood like there’s no tomorrow?


The folks at Crua Outdoors present a solution to all of those problems. Developed by an insulation-industry pro, their line of tents are a combination of heavy-duty material and serious insulation. Check out their specs and see if an insulated tent is in your future.

Lets face it, conventional tent design offers little or no insulation from the outside world. That’s where we’re different. Very different. We have combined tough materials with our cutting edge insulation technology and the Crua range of insulated tents is the result.



Our 6+ person Crua Loj is a perfect example of what can be achieved. At 23ft long, 14ft wide and 7ft high, it offers lots of space. It’s inch thick reinforced steel frame means it’ll stand up to anything the elements can throw at it. And it’s insulation makes it 13 times more thermally resistant than conventional tents. It’s also dampens noise by nearly 20 Decibels… [CONTINUED]

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