Knowing How to Build a Shelter Could Save Your Life

None of us expect to get trapped outsideĀ in the bitter cold, especially overnight. Would you be able to survive if you did?

The first thing you would need to do is build a shelter. Field & Stream has put together a list of seven types of shelters that could literally be lifesavers.

Study these shelters. Print them out and carry them in your pack. Chances are you will never need them. But if you ever did, they could save your life.

In its simplest form, a shelter is nothing more than a shell that traps a pocket of dead air warmed solely by body heat.

Enclosed Shelters
These take more time to build than open shelters (at least three hours), but your efforts will be doubly rewarded. Not only can the shelter be warmed by a small fire, reducing the need to collect a huge pile of wood, but the firelight reflects off the walls, providing cheery illumination for sitting out a long winter night.


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SOURCEField & Stream
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