A hot meal on a cold day lifts the spirits and gives your body the fuel it needs for success. If you’re out in remote areas where carrying cooking gear and water is a challenge, you’ll love the Ultimate Cooking Bag; it will heat food to 220 degrees for up to an hour with only water as fuel. Best of all, the water you’ll use for cooking never touches the food ,so you can get it from streams, lakes, or ponds. Here’s the information from the manufacturer.

Colorado Elk 2010 835MEALSPEC’s extensive passion for military and emergency food heating supplies have led them to create the most reliable flameless meal cooker available.

MEALSPEC has pushed portable outdoor cooking to a new limit with their flameless GEN 2 Cooking Bag that can cook an entire meal in one container. Utilizing the same technology as the MEALSPEC GEN 1 Heater bag, but improving the maximum temperature duration was key in the new Gen 2 Cooking bag.  The Gen 2 can also accommodate most frozen dinners due to its larger dimensions.  This new cooking bag sets the par in the world of conventional cooking equipment; fast and easy with water being the only ingredient needed to activate cooking.  The GEN 2 quickly rises to an impressive 220 degrees Fahrenheit in just under a few minutes and remains at a safe cooking temperature lasting up to 60 minutes, ensuring a meal is fully cooked and not just heated. This MRE cooker bag is perfect for disaster preparedness, camping, hunting, and more.

Using the MEALSPEC cooking bag is simple, first open the re-sealable top of the cooking bag and remove the packaging. Next, insert the provided cooking device in the bottom of the bag, add food packaged in a Ziploc bag or plastic (heat safe) container.  Remember; never cook food or drinks in MEALSPEC bag alone, they should byers008always be in their own respective package/container. Then, add water to the fill line to activate the cooker. Quickly secure the top of the bag and wait 15 to 60 minutes for a hot, cooked meal. Customize cooking time by simply removing food from bag when cooked to liking.  When you are finished using the MEALSPEC, discard and never drink the water that is used to cook. The MEALSPEC bag can also be used as a trash bag when finished cooking and eating.

MEALSPEC Cooking bags are military grade and unlike Internet vendors, every cooking bag is brand new, and not about to expire. For more information or purchasing questions of MEALSPEC Cooking Bags, please visit mealspec.com.

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