Camping by canoe creates the ultimate outdoor experience and reaches its adventurous zenith in remote, isolated places insulated from the sounds and bustle of the everyday world.  What better way to travel to these awe inspiring locations than by water and by the power of the paddle?

Paddle Sports Emerge 

As you will see in this brief clip, canoes have a heritage and have been crafted from natural materials for hundreds of years.  In some circles, the history of the craft adds an important, all-natural element to water travel that extends the immersion into nature.  Whether aluminum or more natural construction, the journey through placid waters is an ideal way to travel, relax, and enjoy.

Kayak Innovation

This more modern means of paddle transportation has transformed from white-water adventure to mainstream travel with many sporting goods stores selling small one or two-person models at a modest priced.  Modern Kayaks are lightweight and easily transported allowing paddlers to store and launch their craft more easily than canoes.  Hobie models are designed for fishing and allow anglers to access unique fresh and salt water destinations unobtainable by larger and gasoline-powered craft.  Every angler dreams of hooking a fish so bit that it “pulls the boat,” and this often happens when fishing from a kayak.

Duck’s Eye View

Paddling and fishing go hand-in-hand.

Travel by canoe and kayak allow the paddler to see things from a “duck’s eye view.”  Motor powered water travel is like zooming along an interstate highway where some of the most interesting elements of nature become a blur.  While paddling, you can approach animals and birds much more closely, enter estuaries and shallow bays that team with unique plants and wildlife.  Best of all you can do so without leaving a foot print and barely a ripple on the reflected scene.  if you’ve contemplated trying the paddle sports or just need a respite from a busy day, “The Canoe” from the GearJunkie website will make your day.

‘The Canoe’ Film Will Make You Long To Paddle