With the spring turkey season winding down and lots of summer outdoor fun on the horizon, be sure to take precautions against ticks. Aside from being disgusting little critters, they can carry Lyme’s disease, which often becomes debilitating. You don’t even have to trek the outback or climb mountains to come in contact with ticks. Just working in your yard, gardening, or a brief hike in the woods can give the pests access to your blood stream. Bowhunting World offers tips on how to avoid these nasty, biting bugs.

Should you find a bull's-eye rash, contact a doctor immediately.
Should you find a bull’s-eye rash, contact a doctor immediately.

Ticks are no laughing matter. Chances are if you’ve ever spent much time outdoors you’ve found one or two or three attached to you. Besides being a pain to remove they can cause serious and sometimes fatal reactions. Thanks to The Kansas Department of Health and Environment and the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism for providing a few tips to help make your outdoor adventures tick free.

Dress Appropriately Wear protective clothing when practical (long sleeves and pants). Clothing should be light-colored to make ticks more visible. When hiking, wear a long-sleeved shirt tucked into pants, long pants tucked into high socks and over-the-ankle shoes to keep ticks out. Products containing permethrin, which kills ticks rather than merely repelling them, can be applied to clothing and equipment but not directly to skin. Garments must be allowed to dry thoroughly before wearing. Clothing and tents pre-treated with permethrin are available, and the protection can remain active through several washings. Be sure to follow label directions.

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