Hunt, fish, camp, and explore this summer, motel-free. Purchasing a large, multi-person tent may be the most economical thing you’ve ever done outdoors, since most national parks and forests are designed for access with well marked roads and signage. These roads may not be paved, yet they are well marked, even in the heart of big game country.

Colorado Rifle Elk 2010 041Some of the most iconic experiences, like elk camps, deer camps, and remote fishing safaris, use large tents for protection from the elements. Canvas “outfitter tents” are ideal protection in any weather, yet a medium-grade tent will provide plenty of fun and economy in all but the coldest months. If you can’t wait to get to your fall hunting area, why not first take your family there on a vacation? I once booked a three-day bow hunt in Montana with a license for elk, antelope, and mule deer. I got all three and I firmly believe that part of the success was due to a pre-hunt trip where I met the outfitter and cruised parts of our hunting area. I knew what to expect, and so did he.

With the camping season in full swing, the large outdoor stores are already putting big tents on sale. Check out Cabela’s, Bass Pro, Dicks, Sam’s Club, and others for specials on a tent to match your needs. You’ll probably make your money back by avoiding two night’s motel expenses. Begin your adventure in your back yard, especially if you have a nervous spouse or youngsters. Once a family feels safe and secure, you’ll be amazed how sleeping under the canvas brings out the adventure.

team alps badgeFinally, ALPS (Active Lifestyle Products & Services) is celebrating their 20th year in business and has launched a new website to showcase their outdoor products. Starting with only fanny packs in 1993, the product categories have expanded into a full line of packs (backpacking and hunting), tents, sleeping bags, air pads, camp furniture, air beds, and hunting blinds  In honor of the 20th anniversary, ALPS Brands has unveiled their new website,, to give consumers more information and background on all of their brands. If you visit this website, you will find information about various giveaways, contests, and promotions. More than $2,000 worth of ALPS gear will be given away over the next several months as ALPS continues to celebrate their 20th anniversary, so check out their website for more information.

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