After 40 years of searching, I’ve finally found a sleeping bag that kept me comfortable and warm. Browning’s Klondike sleeping bag promised plenty of room and delivered in ways I hadn’t imagined. The bag was spacious, measuring more than seven feet long and a yard wide, enough room so that an average-build guy (like me) didn’t have to zip the bag. If I laid near the folded side, the width of the bag sealed out the cold air, which — at 8,500 feet in the Colorado Rockies — was plentiful. Imagine not fighting zippers that jam in the middle of the night. If nature called, I was in and out in a jiffy, and the heavy duty zippers operate easily if I had to seal the bag.

Although I remembered a pillow for the elk hunt, I forgot an under-pad to keep the chill from under the cot. But I honestly never noticed, since the canvas outer lining of the Klondike and the abundant Techloft insulation repulsed cold air top and bottom. The bag’s hood may be just right for Shaquille O’Neal, but for most hunters it folds up for added pillow comfort or tucks into the top of the bag to seal you like an insulated sandwich bag. Heck, at 38×92 inches, you could include a friend.

If you’re looking for a full-size sleeping bag that’s rated down to -30°, give this Browning product a look. I’ll never be in camp without it.

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