Grilling is fun, but not always in the dark.  If you are like me, you count on the look of meat to determine if it’s done.  Sometimes you can cook by the clock, yet if you are camping and away from your normal routine, possibly on a campground grill where it’s difficult to gauge temperature, you culinary pride can be hurt.

A Great Idea

Doneness is difficult to judge if you cannot see well.

Since every grilled meal needs tongs, a spatula, or both, why not put a light on the devices so that the grill surface is illuminated as you sue your tools?  The folks at Outdoor Edge have created the perfect tool for night grilling.  The Grill-Beam BBQ tools integrate powerful, 22-lumen AA LED flashlights in their spring-loaded tong pivots to put the spotlight on your culinary masterpiece. Designed for versatility, both the Tongs and the Tong/Spatula feature unique sliding shafts that telescope and lock for the option of a shorter, more controllable 14-5/8 inch tool, or expand to a full 17 inches in length to safely work a flaming grill or campfire. Both models keep the chef happy and hydrated with a built-in bottle opener. The Tong/Spatula combo feature an added cleaning notch and serrated edge to cut into the meat and check for doneness.

Well Made

Crafted of sturdy, dishwasher-safe, 304 stainless steel, matched with a heat-resistant Zytel glass/nylon handle, the Grill-Beam tools are built strong enough to lift a heavy roast and will ensure a lifetime of use. A clip mounted at the end of each Grill-Beam makes them easy to close and store away. They are also lightweight, weighing in at only 16.6 oz.

The Tongs and the Tong/Spatula have suggested retail prices of $35.95 and $39.95, respectively. The Grill-Beams are available at retailers nationwide as well as conveniently online at For more information on the BBQ sets visit the website or an Outdoor Edge retailer.