A dog’s life is changing. In times past, a stray only had to evade the local wildlife police to survive. Now, the introduction of wolves and the explosion of the coyote population makes the outdoors a dangerous place for man’s best friend.

Since large predators hunt in packs, dogs have little chance against them — especially hunting dogs, which travel in rural or mountainous terrain.

As the above graphic displays, the results are tragic for the dog and it’s owner. This Ammoland story relays the morbid details.

On August 23 2014, Wildlife Services confirmed that wolves killed a seven-year-old Plott hound and injured three two-year-old Plott hounds and a six-year-old Plott hound during the same training incident.

The attack occurred in the Town of Fence, Florence County. Wisconsin Department Of Natural Resources has issued wolf caution area shown on the map below and is comprised of a four-mile buffer around the “depredation site,” aka dog kill site. “The reintroduced wolves have no fear of man or dogs. We protested when the state introduced these wolves in Florence County, but did WDNR listen, no. Someone will be killed and then it will all be on the ‘save the wolf groups’ that insisted we live with these killers” said county resident Adler Barns.

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Photo (top): Huffington Post