Hunting and camping go hand-in-glove, whether you’re in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains or deep in the Monongahela National Forest of West Virginia. You can travel like a turtle with your house on your back or set up a more comfortable base camp and take daily forays into the high country. With the summer tourist season drawing to a close, many companies have their gear discounted, with some offering great-quality gear at great prices. Here are five prospects for finding a late-season bargain:

greystone-vestibule-open-outdoors[1]Browning has long been known as a quality provider of premium gear, so it’s no wonder they purchased ALPS (which is celebrating 20 years in business) in order to augment their camping line. Shown here in the pictures at left is the Greystone, a simple two-pole freestanding dome tent that’s enhanced with two doors and two vestibules (one over each door), with extra-large #10 zippers to make entering and exiting the tent hassle free.




Quality backpacks are essential to any mountain adventure, and Jay Robert Tenzing puts his name and expertise on an entire line of hunting packs. Hailing from Boise, Idaho, Tenzing operated an archery shop for 20 years before applying that knowledge to developing backpacks specifically designed for hunters, whether they’re out for one day or bivouacking for several. Appropriate for the company’s American roots, Tenzing’s packs are designed and manufactured in the USA.



If a basecamp is your style of mountain adventure then you’ll like this tailgate-style grill: the Coleman RoadTrip NXT 200. The unit folds up for easy storage and features two burners and a handy side table, ideal for resting grill utensils and allowing your steaks to “rest” when cooked.  his unit is so handy, it can easily be used on the deck or in the backyard, so that you have a chance to learn its nuances before experimenting on your hunting buddies. The bright red top is so handsome it may coax your special lady to try her hand.



Continuing with the bases7_580837_999_01[1] camp theme, this unique addition can store essential hunting gear while you sleep in the safety and security of your SUV. Especially smart in bear country, this back porch allows you the room to stretch out in your rig with everything else out of the weather. The Kelty Tailgater IPA Shade unit weights just eight pounds and pops up in a jiffy with three poles.

Sleeping under the stars is great, but it sure stinks to get 96457_ts[2]yourself and your down sleeping bag wet during a storm. Instead of carrying loads of extra equipment, get one of these Gore-Tex Sleeping Bag Covers, previously issued by the U.S. military. These covers are emergency essentials that are critical additions to your camping survival equipment. This cover offers Gore-Tex waterproof protection and sealed seams. Each one has a two-way YKK zipper and a mummy hood that fits over your head for total protection from the elements.