A dull knife is a dangerous knife, because a dull blade requires much more force and energy that can pop though the cut and injure the user. A sharp blade allows the knife to do the work, instead of force. That’s why surgeons don’t need to lift weights in order to make skillful incisions. Knives are one of the most frequently used tools in the outdoors and keeping them (and other cutting devices) sharp help us be more effective and safe. Once a buddy and I downed a mature bull elk and, after a brief celebration, got down to work. He went for more help to pack out the meat and carried my butchering tools in his day pack (dang!). Luckily, I had Cabela’s lock-back pocket knife and had half of the animal boned out and cooling on logs before help arrived.

Work_Sharp_Knife_50896c8db9c26[1]Back in camp, we had a Work Sharp knife sharpener which quickly had my blade shaving hair once again, even after butchering the elk. This device combines commercial-grade technology with a unit you can hold in one hand. Most importantly, it greatly simplifies the two most important elements of sharpening: angle and friction. Work Sharp’s website includes a brief video demonstrating the unit that also displays its benefits. Check it out and you’ll never have a dull blade again… at least for very long. worksharptools.com.

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