Cold weather can shorten battery life so replace or recharge for extended use.
Cold weather can shorten battery life, so replace or recharge your batteries to extend their life.

Trail cameras are most useful when they identify deer in an area and give clues about deer movements.

Even with the hunting season in full swing, motion-sensor or time-lapse cameras can still capture awesome images and informative details. Find out if that big buck is still out there. Learn when it was captured on camera.

Cameras will also keep tabs on other wildlife. Are coyotes nearby? What happens to the gut pile of your deer once you’re successful?

If you have a camera near your stand, it only takes a few minutes to swap the position. It’s worth doing; you’ll soon know what predators and scavengers are in your area.

In open areas, don’t be surprised if you come up with the dark side of our national symbol. In Western Maryland, we frequently had bald eagles feed on dead groundhogs left in an alfalfa field.

What you catch on your media card can be the “trophy of the year.” Late season and cold weather can be tough on batteries, so you may want to swap out new or recharged ones. Check the contents of your media card to make sure you have room for extra images. You can also reduce the resolution, but when a trophy (such as the shot above) happens, you’ll want all the megapixels you can have.

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