After a long day in the great outdoors, sometimes you just want to leave all that outdoors behind. The last thing you want is to drag it into your vehicle with you so that you’re smelling and feeling the grime all the way home.

Outdoor enthusiasts have long championed the quality of Husky’s automotive floor liners. The company’s award-winning X-act Contour has been a staple for years, and the company is now relaunching their premier product to the market.

Find out what sets the X-act Contour apart from the competition in this funny video. If you’ve ever spilled your drink while driving (a non-alcoholic drink, obviously) or slipped on the floor liner while climbing into your vehicle, you’ll appreciate what Husky liners have to offer. Check out the video.

Husky Liners, a leading manufacturer of aftermarket products designed to protect a vehicle’s interior and exterior, has re-launched their premier line of vehicle floor liners; the X-act Contour.

Blind research was conducted in early 2014 putting four floor liners in front of 43 consumers and asking them to choose which liner they preferred. Of the four liners reviewed, two were top competitor liners, one was the Husky Liners WeatherBeater and one was the Husky Liners X-act Contour. After examining each liner and their advertised features, the research revealed that nearly 65% of consumers chose the X-act Contour as their top choice. When asked why, participants of the study noted the rubberized texture felt richer, softer, and more likely to settle into the contours of the vehicle than the more rigid, plastic liners.

“We were blown away by the response to the X-act Contour.” Stated Doug Johnson, Sr. Design Engineer at Husky Liners. “We’d had great performance from our Thermo-Formed WeatherBeater liners, but were not initially quite sure how to position the X-act Contour. Based on the results of this study, we feel very confident in our re-launch strategy.”

As a result of the key findings from the market research, Husky Liners made some improvements to the X-act Contour product line and created new packaging that encourages consumers to “feel the liner” through a hole that was die cut into the box. Also, Husky Liners commissioned a new advertising campaign. The campaign has already been launched in print, digital and in-store marketing. One of the most notable pieces is a tongue in cheek product demonstration video called “Comparison”. The video focuses on four unique selling propositions of the X-act Contour; The premium look and feel of the product, the FormFit Edge, the StayPut Cleats, and Husky Liners’ Lifetime Guarantee.

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