ATVs in the Winter

Just because the snow is deep doesn’t mean you have to park your ATV until spring.

This could be the best time all winter to get places you were previously unable to reach.

Take the Necessary Precautions

But do you know the precautions to take to safely prepare, ride, and get back home when the snow is deep?

You might think you have everything figured out, but chances are, there are some things you are overlooking.

Outdoor Life has you covered. Take a look at these often overlooked tidbits that could turn a good ride into a disaster.

Sometime soon most deep woods ATV riders in the north country will surrender to plowing or riding packed trails. However, there is a short period when the ice is frozen, and the trails are passable. It may only last two to four weeks, but the marshes become highways, and you can ride to places where days ago you couldn’t have reached without a boat… [continued]

SOURCEOutdoor Life
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