Make a Camping Grill from a Log

Have you ever found yourself wanting to grill but didn’t have the hardware? It can be quite frustrating. Imagine being out in the woods and salivating over the thought of heating up some good eats on a grill.

Guess what! If you know how to make a¬†Finnish torch, you’ll never find yourself in that sorry state again. This article from Popular Mechanics, and its accompanying video (below) will explain how to make your own makeshift grill.

To start the fire, place tinder on top of the log and allow some of it to fall into the notches. Then set more tinder and kindling on top of the log and light it. The open notches below the fire will allow air to circulate freely and will quickly ignite the interior of the log. Once the inside of the log is burning you can set your cast iron pan on top and start cooking. With this DIY grill you’ll have a simple and consistent heat source to cook your food and keep you warm for a few hours… [continued]

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