Stink bugs (painus inbutticus) are a major nuisance, especially if you own a rural cabin, camper, or other outdoor structure. They are so good at penetration that one was found inside a balloon without air escaping, or so the rumor goes. This imported pestilence does not bite, yet it multiplies prolifically and can cause great harm to agriculture. Fruit growers report that the value of their harvest is reduced by 90% if bitten by stink bugs. Furthermore, these bugs seem to penetrate any defense — even the newest homes can be invaded at any time of year. Many insect pesticides are ineffective, yet one simple household remedy works, kills them quickly, and will reduce your need to touch the little buggers. Here’s how:  STINKBUG-2-articleLarge[1]

Soapy water kills stink bugs. We have two to three dozen on our screened-in porch every morning. We put two inches of tap water in a clear plastic water bottle bottom (cut the top portion off) or Chinese food soup container. Add a couple of squirts of Dawn dish soap and swish it around. Stink bugs seem to dive before flying so the trick is to ease the open container from below and they jump right in and quickly die. If you have youngsters, catching and killing stink bugs soon become a competition — you can entertain as well as eradicate.

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