No matter the weather, when you’re prepared for hot, cold, or wet conditions, your whole outdoor experience will be more enjoyable. For anglers, hunters, and any outdoor adventurer who may endure wet weather, there’s one main factor that can ruin the day: leaky boots. Once your feet get wet and/or cold, it’s tough to think about anything else. Take Me Fishing’s Tom Keer says to take along a 10-piece patch kit that just may save your day.


Patch Kit Materials and


Purpose: Small pouch or zip-lock bag for patch kit storage. Tube of Aquaseal for glue. Bottle of Cotol-240 to speed up dry time. Alcohol swabs for cleaning the area to be patched. Small bristle brush for spreading Aquaseal. Women’s nylons are great, flexible patch materials.Knife or straight-edge razor blade for cutting a patch or nylon. Rubber glove to keep fingers from sticking. Lighter for melting neoprene. Masking tape for holding a cut together. Keer also explains in detail how to patch neoprene waders and breathable, canvas, or rubber waders.

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Photos: Outdoor Life (top); Take Me Fishing (above)