We’veve all heard the annoying sound of cicadas. At first, the sound might seem comforting, but eventually you have enough of it. But have you ever been annoyed to the point where you go out and kill the cicadas — and eat them?

This year will see the emergence of a great number of these noisy critters. If you’re driven to distraction and have an adventurous palate, Thrillist has all the information you need to catch and cook cicadas.

Step 1: Catch your prey

Prepare yourself with multiple large plastic bags and wait for the swarm. When the nymphs (that’s bug-speak for “baby cicadas”) first emerge and shed their exoskeletons, they’ll be as helpless as a bunch of… well, baby bugs. They’ll also be all-white and kind of squishy, but don’t let that scare you. Seize the opportunity to be a predator and scoop up as many as you can. Early morning — when they’re cold and drowsy from staying up all night watching the third season of Gilmore Girls — is best for catching these guys… [continued]

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