Hiking with a baby or children in general, can pose for some interesting challenges. Whether that is always bringing twice as much as you need, scheduling your hike or trip around feeding, or just being a slave to your little one. However the benefits far outweigh the challenges. You get to spend quality time with your entire family by bringing your children along, you’ll get some cool photos to show him/her later, and you are introducing them to the great outdoors at an early age. With that being said, when you go on a hiking trip never forget the following items.

  1. A good baby carrier – you want your baby to be as comfortable as possible.
  2. Formula/water – if you’re not breastfeeding.
  3. Diapers/wipes – as many as you can fit in your pack!
  4. Extra Clothing – in case of weather change or accidents.
  5. Blanket – for cooler weather, wind, or using it to change a diaper on.
  6. Pacifier (Wubbanub) – bring multiple just in case!
  7. Germex – to keep your baby healthy.
  8. Tissues – for runny noses, spit ups, bathroom breaks, etc.
  9. Diaper baggies – you need something to put dirty diapers/wipes in.

Remember to pick a good day to hike, especially if its a newborn. We recommend not going more than 5 miles from your vehicle. Here are a few photos from our trip.

family hiking trip in Wyoming ✌?#whatgetsyououtdoors#hiking#family#cabelas#northface#blessedlife by @compasskeeper

?Medicine Bow National Forest?#whatgetsyououtdoors#wyoming#hiking#climbing#blessedlife by @compasskeeper

Enjoy the outdoors, follow the path, and be a #compasskeeper.