The good news: Grizzly bear populations are increasing. The bad news: Grizzly bear populations are increasing. If you spend time in or around grizzly country, even in national parks, you want to take steps not to surprise a bear, and carry bear spray in the event of an attack. As you’ll read, even taking the correct precautions will not totally eliminate injury, but it may just save your life. John Miller and Mead Gruver give the details:

Four people injured in two separate bear attacks in and near Yellowstone National Park on the same day were able to escape with relatively minor injuries. None remained hospitalized Friday.

Alaska Bear one 122 (2)In Yellowstone, officials decided not to pursue a grizzly that attacked two hikers on a trail near Canyon Village Thursday in the north-central portion of the park. The sow grizzly attacked after the hikers came across its young cub born the previous winter, according to park spokesman Al Nash.  “This bear by all accounts was acting on instinct, defending its cub…”

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