How many times have we been advised to take a youngster hunting? We all know the impact it can have on their life and the sport. Perhaps Gold Medal Olympian Ginny Thrasher is the greatest example on Earth. Normally, Olympic athletes are captured by the lure of their sport at a very young age, but Thrasher didn’t become motivated about shooting until her grandfather took the young teen on a hunting trip. Five years later, she wins Olympic gold. Here’s the compelling story from the Outdoor Wire.


For sports like shooting, there is no bigger opportunity to showcase greatness than during the Olympic Games. With a Finals performance for the ages, teenage phenom Ginny Thrasher set the table by winning the first golden medal of the 2016 Olympic Game in Rio de Janeiro. In winning the Women’s 10-meter Air Rifle event Saturday morning, the spotlight was glowing greater on the shooting sports and USA Shooting than any other time in history… [continued]

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