Many of us live in a locked-up world where we secure our cars, homes, and cabins to prevent other from accessing valued possessions. But there are still sections of the country where this is not the norm.

I’ve camped in cabins that sleep six or more, cooked on their gas stove, and enjoyed some of the stored food for free. The rule is, leave it as you find it; replace what you use.

Staying in such a place adds to the intrinsic nature experience, as you live in a natural-balance manner and preserve the experience for the next traveler.

If you have a camping goal in mind this summer and don’t have a secretive free cabin, you’re in luck. As Stephen Regenold describes on the Gear Junkie website, there’s a great new promotion that’s offering hundreds of free summer reservations this year. You don’t want to miss this!

AK Nissan Elk and Alex 797The promotion called The Spot runs June 8 – Sept. 7. Campsite openings are first-come, first-served; you reserve them online at

There are tent sites and cabins available. Caveat: The campgrounds are in California, New York, and Wyoming. These look to be primo locations and worth a road trip if required.

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