Finding the best ammunition for hunting can take hours of trial and error, which not only takes time away from hunting or spending time with family, but also wastes money. No one wants to waste their hard-earned dollars on boxes of bullets, shells, or cartridges than don’t fit the bill. And if your error happens to take place during a hunt, you’ve also lost an opportunity to bag a buck or tom. To remove some of the guesswork from choosing deer ammo, North American Whitetail have assembled their list of 10 best deer cartridges of all time.


Selecting a cartridge for deer hunting is largely a matter of opinion, but there are a number of qualities that make some cartridges stand out from the crowd. First, it must be powerful enough to humanely kill even the largest deer, but recoil shouldn’t be so great that it precludes smaller-framed shooters from becoming proficient with the cartridge. Each cartridge should have a proven track record on game, and should be versatile enough to use out to moderate ranges. Lastly, nostalgia and popularity also played a role in making selections for our list. If it’s a cartridge American hunters love, we had to include it.

Photos: Department of Environmental Conservation (top); North American Whitetail (above)