Different situations in life mean you’ll be extra-thankful for certain items. In a rainstorm, an umbrella or poncho is indispensable for keeping you dry. If your tire goes flat, the spare will save your day. When hunting in the woods, any number of items from your treestand safety harness to your topo map may be the ticket to getting out of a tough spot. Outdoor Life‘s Alex Robinson reviewed five items that can prove to be a hunter’s best friend: headlamps.

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During this time of the year, most of us use a headlamp for sneaking into a deer stand or duck blind and then finding our way safely back to camp. It doesn’t take a sophisticated light to accomplish these tasks, but what happens if you get lost, need to blood trail an animal through the night, or traverse the backcountry after hours? You’ll need a headlamp that has enough features and durability to get you there and back. Here’s a look at five that will get the job done, and they won’t break the bank in the process.

[The Streamlight Trident LED is] one for duck hunters, bowfishermen, gator hunters, and anyone else who spends time in dark marshes and swamps. The ­Trident was the most durable and most comfortable headlamp in the field, but it was also the heaviest. Three AAA batteries fuel a max output of 80 lumens and by far the longest beam of the lamps tested. This water-resistant unit has three light modes (all of them white) and an extra rubber head strap for wet conditions.

Photos: Mississippi State University (top); Nick Ferrari (above)