Firemen are trained to handle terrifying situations when they enter burning buildings or assist with volatile traffic accidents that can explode in their faces. However, they have a softer side, which is displayed when they’re called upon to rescue animals. In this case, it was a whitetail deer that was doomed to drown. Here are the heartwarming details from Suzanne Russell in this article from

Who’s been swimming in the Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority’s water tank?  A deer.

That’s what authority employees learned Thursday, when they checked the property around 8 a.m. and spotted a deer treading water in one of the 80-foot-diameter tanks.  A deer, believed to be young buck, appeared to have slipped under the authority’s 1050 E. Hazelwood Ave. security fence and landed in the water tank, where it was seen trying to stay afloat.  Battalion Fire Chief Michael Roberts said the deer was initially swimming in the 9-foot-deep inner tank, then made its way to an outer trough area.

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