Nisssan AK 4 029Alaska is a rainy place, especially in fall. At that time of year, any hunter, fisher, or camper needs to be prepared for the elements.

With the Wounded Warrior Project event on my schedule, I was excited to see the introduction of STORMR, a breathable neoprene product that heralded a reputation as a proven water repellent and a new option of breathability. The product comes in a waterfowl camouflage pattern that will be great for hunters, yet I wanted a jacket that I could wear on the airplane and use in non-hunting activities. After a week in the bush, here’s what I learned.

Nisson AK 1 108First, the good looks of this jacket attract attention. Repeatedly, people came up to me and asked about the hoodie, often commenting on its positive appearance and inquiring, “Is that neoprene?” Buying rain gear for it’s appearance is, admittedly, an unusual option, but it was a clear positive.

Secondly, the material repels water as I expected, yet it also seems to ward off mud, dirt, and debris. I usually wear my work (and sometimes my food) and was impressed with how sharp the jacket looked in the photo above. It seemed brand new, despite a week in the Alaskan wilds.

The STORMR material works well as an outer layer. One rainy evening when the temps were at 50 degrees, I wore a flannel shirt under the jacket and was chilled. The next night, I wore a mildly insulating sweater and the combination was perfect. Furthermore, I could be mildly active without heating up, as one would expect with normal neoprene. The lining on the inside of the jacket made for easy on and off, and the outer materiel doesn’t wrinkle or lose its shape.

For more information, check the manufacturer’s website.

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