Wildlife officials in Australia have put out a red alert to be on the lookout for a drunken pig.

The suspect, pictured above while recovering from a bender that would put most of us down for the count, is a feral pig that is suspected of pilfering up to 18 cans of beer. The animal pilfered the alcohol during a nocturnal burglary at the DeGrey River rest area near Port Hedland in Western Australia. Campers awoke to the sound of crunching cans to find the animal looting their supply of booze. The beast had bitten through and consumed three six-packs worth of beer when he was spotted by the flashlight-wielding campers, who watched as the pig proceeded to raid more supplies and trash bins, pictured below.

The pig then got into an “altercation” with a cow, ran around the campers’ vehicles, and was eventually chased off.


It was initially thought the pig stole just a six-pack, but Merida is certain it was a lot more.

“It wasn’t six cans, it was about 18 I believe it crunched.”

Main Roads is trying to locate the animal.

“It was last seen near the river itself, under a tree,” Ms Findley said. “I think it’s nursing its head today.

“Our guys aren’t equipped to contain or control these wild animals, especially under the influence.

“The guys who attended the scene said they had a chat to the guys and they were more upset the pig stole their beer.”

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Photos: Main Roads Pilbara