Firearms are as natural in rural families as baseball bats and basketball hoops on the barn door. Handling firearms safely is a very important skill that every child should learn. Parents also may have questions about introducing firearms to youngsters, as well as storing guns safely out of reach of young inquisitive minds. Crossroads sports introduces a special seminar specifically to meet the needs of firearms in families. If this interesting opportunity is not in your neighborhood, the program is well worth emulating in whatever organizations you belong. Here’s the full story.


Crossroads Shooting Sports proudly announces the first ever locally available seminar 100% dedicated to families with firearms. Whether you are a parent who carries daily for self-defense and wants to know how to do so safely with a little one in tow, a grandparent with a gun who wants to make sure you’re storing your firearms safely when the grandkids visit, or a couple looking to start a family who is also interested in gun ownership,We’ve partnered with some of the top firearms instructors in the country to explore and discuss topics covering firearms and self-defense training, and they are also mothers and fathers who have (or are) successfully raising little ones, safely, in homes with guns.