If you’ve postponed that special summer vacation or get-away, here the perfect opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.  A Wyoming horseback excursion is an incredible experience and really needs no additional incentive.  However, add the solar eclipse and the quest is like a hot fudge sundae with extra whip cream and three cherries on top.

The Grey River Area

I’ve hunted elk in the Grey River area numerous times and you’ll find it to be remote, expansive, and to have plenty of vertical challenge, yet nothing that will require technical gear or experience on horseback.  Aside from spectacular landscapes, there are numerous lakes and rushing streams to cast a spinner or fly.

Special Event

I had a similar high-country experience I’ll never forget.  I was elk hunting in the Seven Devils range of Idaho when one of our buddies bagged a trophy bull just before dark. Processing the animal and getting the meat to horses took several hours and it was nearly midnight before we headed back to camp.  As I rode through the pitch black darkness of heavy timber, I could see the shoes spark against rocks from the horse in front of me.

As we reached the top of the mountain, we broke into wide open spaces under the flood of a full moon.  At 9,000 feet the air was crystal clear and the lunar light cast shadows that were as eerie as they were beautiful.  Additionally, that was a time when Mars orbited closest to earth and the red planet was clearly visible.

From the Outfitter

Summer in Wyoming has been beautiful and we’re enjoying a great season of horseback riding at our Jackson Hole Outfitters camp. The wildflowers are awesome, the weather has been warm, and the fishing on the Greys River is getting hot. But the event of the summer is coming up in August!

This August, Wyoming will be in the direct path of a solar eclipse, and we’re offering a special, 3-night solar eclipse adventure package at the Jackson Hole Outfitters camp. This will be an unforgettable way to witness a once in a lifetime event.


SOURCEHunt Wyoming
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