Chow Down on a Budget

Whether you’re hiking in the wilderness or just want to simplify meals around camp, freeze dried foods are a popular option. They’re also perfect for those who want to have an emergency food store in the event of an emergency where power is lost and refrigeration becomes impossible. Freeze-dried foods are a bonus in all-of-the-above situations, yet can be as pricey as a sit-down restaurant.

The folks at Outdoor Trail have greatly decreased the cost of freeze-dried meals by preparing them in bulk. Like visiting the Colonel, you buy the product in buckets. But here you’re buying up to 90 meals at a time, along with more than a dozen bonus items. This reduces the cost to less than $2 per meal, cheaper than most fast-food restaurants. Furthermore, the plastic containers store food for up to 25 years, so that you can stash it and forget it with the knowledge that you can still feed the family should the need arise.

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