August and September are the nicest months to take a weekend paddling trip, says Anne L. Desjardins of, but many potential paddlers limit their excursions to day trips because they don’t know how to plan meals for a longer paddling adventure. Whether you’re paddling in a canoe or kayak, on river or ocean, there’s no reason not to bring along delicious food. Desjardins explains how to plan gourmet meals for your next paddling trip.

These guidelines are useful for weekenders as well as expeditions. But the longer the trip the more important it is to come up with an accurate and efficient system that will prevent you from forgetting crucial things. Of course, every member of your group should be involved in meal planning. If you’re leaving for a week or so with a group of 4 or more, organize a nice spaghetti dinner before as a get together and split the following tasks among your group. This has to be fun… The goal is to make your kayak trip even more enjoyable by adding a gourmet dimension to it.

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Photo: Martin Cathrae, Creative Commons

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