Do You Enjoy a Well Cooked Steak?

You might not want to pack your grill up just yet, but a perfect steak can be prepared in your beer cooler. We admit, it might sound a little absurd, but Field & Stream‘s Jonathan Miles thinks otherwise.

Miles explains how to cook the perfect venison loin with only a beer cooler, a zip-seal bag, some hot water, and a digital thermometer.


By perfect, I mean perfect: medium-rare from the outside in and spectacularly, succulently tender. And it’s foolproof—you can’t overcook it. And no joke: You cook it in a beer cooler. A little bit of backstory, before I tell you how.

This is a downhome riff on an avant-garde cooking technique known as sous vide (French for “under vacuum”). By vacuum-sealing meats (or anything else) and then cooking them in a temperature-controlled water bath, chefs turn out incredibly luscious cuts. Unlike traditionally cooked meats, there are no variations in the doneness—that is, there’s no pink center to a medium-rare tenderloin because the whole thing—even the outside—is uniformly pink. (The exterior can be quickly browned afterward, if desired.) Precise heat control means that ­medium-rare is exactly that. Sous vide has revolutionized restaurant kitchens, and thanks to the ­cooking-tech guru Nathan Myhrvold, who adapted a slew of laboratory-level techniques like sous vide for home kitchens in his book Modernist Cuisine at Home, and who inspired this backwoods variation, it might revolutionize your hunting camp, too… [continued]

How to Cook “Redneck Sous Vide” BackstrapForget the grill or oven. The best venison steak of your life gets cooked in a beer cooler. Trust us.

Read the full recipe:

Posted by Field & Stream on Sunday, July 3, 2016

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