4-Person West Wind Dome Tent

Neatness is a positive when camping.  A tent designed for six or eight people can quickly seem cramped as each person brings his/her gear inside.  From stuffed animals or security blankets for kids, to adult fishing tackle and sporting gear, all that stuff quickly gets in the way and can be a source of contention.  The West Wind was designed with this exact scenario in mind and features a covered vestibule that will keep your gear out of each other’s face, within easy reach, and most importantly, dry.

The vestibule shines in the worst weather and is the ideal location for muddy boots, wet backpacks, or larger objects like children’s toys and sports equipment.  Organize your gear, stash it in the vestibule before turning in, and your day begins efficiently after a solid sleep where you can fully extend and not wrestle with gear in the dark.  This may seem like a small element, yet stashing gear in the vestibule is like putting it in your trunk where it’s quickly available, secure, and out of the way.

Full Features

Like the fairytale about the three bears, the West Wind 4-person is “just right” for a multitude of camping adventures.   Hiking with your spouse or a couple of friends, this tent is light and portable enough to go anywhere and is designed for quick set-up using color-coded clips and shock-corded fiberglass poles.  It has four internal storage pockets and a gear loft to keep important things handy as well as a rainfly for double moisture protection.  Designed as a three-season tent, the 6-person model will accommodate a six-foot-tall person to fully stand, making dressing and undressing much easier.   The West Wing Dome is supported by a free-standing five-pole design for superior stability against rain and wind.  The door, window and vents have No-See-Um mesh screening that keeps out even the smallest pests while allowing cooling airflow on hot summer nights. A compact carry bag Includes attached guy lines and stakes.

 A Tent within a Tent

Five shock-corded fiberglass poles create a very sturdy frame that separates the interior tent from the exterior while providing the foundation for the waterproof fly.  When you set up this tent the first time, you’ll quickly see that it forms a tent within a tent and can have distinct possibilities in hot weather. Ventilation in the tent is enhanced by large panels of micro-mesh that protects against the smallest biting insects while rolling out the welcome mat for a summer breeze.  If you are at the beach or a sports event in hot weather, the base tent may be exactly what you need.

One Package

The five shock-corded fiberglass poles and separate support for the vestibule fold into a small bag for easy transport.  Tent stakes are specifically designed to hold guy lines firmly.  Overall, the West Wind is sturdy, yet flexible.  The tub-style, waterproof floor is sewn in and raised on the sides to prevent moisture intrusion.  Weighing 18 pounds, this family-size tent can be easily handled by youngsters to show their skill in erecting the family shelter while you gather firewood and work on dinner.  The West Wind has room for four, plus their gear, and endless space for fun.  www.cabelas.com