Big adventures often require big space and the Outback Lodge has 100 square feet of room to stretch out with ample headroom to boot.  It isn’t a backpacking shelter, yet is easily handled by one adult and folds to a surprisingly small space.  Thanks to a waterproof fabric, the tent does not need a rain fly which means you only erect one tent instead of two.

Great Camping Options

Fort Frederick State Park has great camping opportunities.

I’m fortunate to live near many public and inexpensive campgrounds and chose Fort Frederick State Park as my test track.  Aside from having one of the oldest military forts in the nation, a large bass pond, and the C&O Canal passing through it, the campground is just steps from the Potomac River with excellent fishing and water sports.   All this for an incredible $15 per day.

My campsite neighbors were John Weizel and Dennis Nielsen from Annapolis, Maryland.  Before getting started I visited with them and we discussed the best fishing spots in the area. As a local, I did my best to give them good advice on baits and locations.   They were interested in my new tent and volunteered to help me set it up.

Easy Up-

The tent unfolds to a square for easy deployment.

Prior to popping the tent, I watched a video on YouTube and a person erected the tent in six minutes, but not for the first time.   I informed my new friends that this tent was out-of-the-box and I’d have to read the directions.

Basically, you unfold the tent into a square, stake out the corners, place the corner posts in place, and insert the main pole which is well above the average person’s head.  I wasn’t timing the process, but that happened in just a few minutes.  Obviously, the large tent pole went in the middle of the tent and the one other shock corded pole extended the vestibule over the entrance.  That done, the only remaining work was to peg and fasten the guy lines.

My new friends were sleeping in a tent that had five poles for support and they were quick to comment how much easier the Outback Lodge went up.

Air “Conditioning”

The vestibule keeps big toys and muddy boots outside.

Tent ventilation helps prevent condensation and helps manage the greenhouse effect.  The Outback Lodge offers fine mesh doors and windows that will keep annoying mosquitoes outside while allowing fresh air to circulate.  In rainy weather, uniquely designed vents allow air to flow while keeping moisture outside.

If you camp infrequently, the features and set-up procedure are sewn into the sturdy carrying case.  If you need to delegate a quick set-up or take-down, it’s great to know that the procedure is printed and always with you.

Sewn-In Floor

The Outback Lodge makes a perfect camping tent with ample room for gear and people.

Ground moisture is often a problem when camping and this tent comes with a sturdy 210-denier polyester-oxford floor that resists puncture and keeps bugs and other pests in the great outdoor where they belong.  The incredible height of the Outback Lodge makes standing, dressing, and organizing gear much easier than in small tents.  Although its rated for six people, four persons can sleep on cots or pads with plenty of room for recreational gear and pets.

Additionally, the Outback Lodge comes with a vestibule that is ideal for storing muddy boots, waders, coolers, or children’s toys to keep them out of the weather, yet handy as needed.