Always wanted a camper but didn’t have the big bucks and the space on your property? A new model from down under may be the perfect solution.

The Gidget Retro Teardrop Camper is, as the name implies, a teardrop-shaped camper that evokes the style of bygone days. It features a Queen-sized bed, entertainment lounge, and a fully-functioning kitchen. Best of all is the price, which won’t break the bank. Read more as The San Francisco Globe takes it out for a test spin.

It’s called the Gidget Retro Camper, and it was created by an Australian developer. The camper has a television entertainment set and sink with refrigerators. Some models even include showers with hot water. It’s powered by solar panels, so it’s great for people looking to reduce their carbon footprint!

Pay close attention as she reveals the rear portion of the camper. The rear camper shell can double as an overhang that will provide some shade in the sun, or some shelter in the rain, for whoever ends up cooking out back. If you’re camping somewhere windy, there’s even an accessory windshield that isn’t featured in the video, but is available to protect whatever you end up cooking up on the stove top.

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