In any boating-related activity, having the proper life jacket can be an issue. Since lives literally depend upon the effectiveness of life jackets, they must be of the highest quality — and therefore are often somewhat expensive. Luckily, BoatUS offers a map of more than 1,000 sites across the United States where life jackets for children can be borrowed.


If you need to borrow a kid’s life jacket for the day or weekend, chances are there is one near you at one of the over 1,500 life jacket loaner sites across the country at

The website list is “the nation’s largest single source of life jacket loaner sites” according to BoatUS. It includes nearly 600 free BoatUS Foundation kids’ Life Jacket Loaner sites at marinas, boat clubs and firehouses, along with over 900 local community loaner sites to give parents and boaters more options.

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