People do crazy things. Not all people, but some sure take the cake. For instance, boater Steven William from Minnesota tormented a swimming deer long enough with his boat that the deer eventually died. He has been charged in the matter, and rightfully so. I hope his hunting, fishing, and other licenses used for outdoor activities our taken away for life, his boat seized, and he receives a hefty sentence. Field & Stream has the full story.

Earlier this month Steven William Timm, of Moorehead, Minnesota, allegedly pursued and pestered a buck swimming across Tulaby Lake with a pontoon boat until the animal drowned from exhaustion. As DL-Online reports, Timm claims, however, that he was only trying to help the deer back to shore. Witnesses say otherwise, noting that it appeared as if Timms was purposefully preventing the deer from reaching land… [continued]

Photo: Field & Stream

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