Bear Attacks Marathon Runner

Black bear populations are thriving across the United States. Anyone participating in outdoor sports must be on guard. In this case, a marathon runner came across a female bear and three cubs — and mama bear wasn’t happy. Black bears are powerful animals with long, sharp claws, bone-crushing jaws, and strength that can easily kill a human.

As one marathon runner closed in to the finish line, an angry mother black bear closed in on her. Karen Williams is recovering from the attack, which left her with bites and scratches. “She was ripping at my upper arms,” Williams told ABC News. “I had my hands over my head. And I screamed, because that hurt. And she didn’t like me screaming and so she gave me a whack on the side of the head with her left paw.” Williams was just a few miles from the marathon finish line in New Mexico when she surprised the mother bear and three cubs… [continued]

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