The comeback from near extinction has been slow, but progress is being made by bald eagle pairs around the country, including in the Northeast and Pennsylvania. Two summers ago, I spotted a blade eagle eating a groundhog carcass near Hagerstown, Maryland. Fishermen and boaters on the Potomac River also frequently see the spectacular birds.

If you’d like to watch a pair of the ultimate birds of prey raise their hatch, check out this live feed audio and video provided by the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

A new season of the Commonwealth’s most popular, high-flying reality show is back online.  Millions are expected to log-on to the Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) website and watch as live-streaming cameras show the drama of nature at several bald eagle nests in the Keystone State. The experiences open windows onto nature like never before.

People went online more than one and a-half million times last year to see a pair of bald eagle raised two eaglets in a nest near Codorus State Park in York County. They saw the entire process, from “nestorations” in January, laying of the eggs in February, hatching in March, and the eaglets leaving the nest in June, as it happened. This is the tenth year for the nest and the second that cameras and microphones are there… [continued]

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