Being a hunter means that you go out in the woods to areas many other never go, and get to see things other people never will. It could mean watching the sun rise atop a mountain or sitting in a tree stand as the last glimmers of sunlight disappear into the night. For Charlie Anderson and his son Adam, both from Indiana, being hunters this year meant seeing and being part of something rare and truly amazing: rescuing an antler-locked deer with an ax. OutdoorHub reports.


[Charlie Anderson] was the first to find the deer, trapped on a small island in a pond near the Andersons’ White County farm on November 5. Charlie Anderson had been hunting earlier in the day, as he usually does before he returns to his clinic, where he treats animals as veterinarian. After seeing the morose antler-locked buck on the island, he quickly put his appointments on hold and gave Adam a call.

When [Adam] arrived, he found that one of the bucks had already perished, and the other was nearing the point of exhaustion. Although the water was not deep, the deer stood a chance of tiring out and drowning.

Photos: Grande View Outdoors (top); Adam and Charlie Anderson (above)