Multitasking is taken to a new level with this unique recreational vehicle. Now you can pull both your camper and your boat behind a small vehicle, because this creative surf-and-turf-mobile does both. This German-engineered product even comes with its own outboard motor. Here are more details and great pictures from Interesting Engineering.

How cool is this?
How cool is this?

Produced as a boat and made of fiberglass reinforced plastic, the German vehicle has a 5-hp electric engine with low emissions and noise. Thanks to its waterproof shell, it works as a boat in the water but can also be hauled like a normal trailer on land. It was designed to be used in water without large currents or waves so it’s perfect for lakes and calm seas.

It moves independently on a battery which also provides electricity to the interior of the vessel and can be charged from the tow vehicle while traveling on land.

Daniel Straub, Sealander developer and designer, says the amphibious trailer is ideal for anyone who wants to spend the night camping in a park, enjoy the day sunbathing on a lake or even fishing. It expands the possibilities for camping and recreational activities… [continued]

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